About Light The Fuse

Our Band

Clem Sivo

Lead Vocals

Born and raised in Marlton NJ. Clem’s influences are Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and free and James Hatfield from Metallica.

Clem has played in local cover bands all his life, enjoys what he does and most of all has fun.

Syd Sholly

Guitar, Backup Vocals

Syd’s been playing in bands since he was 16. Played in many local cover bands, original bands as well as tribute acts. His influences are everything from Allman Brothers to Zappa and everything in between.

Loves playing with Light The Fuse. Always has fun playing with them. Hobbies include pasta and beer.

Vince Bauerle

Drums, Backup Vocals

Vinnie has been playing drums since he was 11, and guitar and bass for the past 15 years as well. He played with popular Bucks area cover band Wicked Stranger for 20 years, before forming Light The Fuse with the other band members. He notes several influences over the years including bands such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and The Beatles. He also enjoys Ice Hockey as a hobby. “I’ve always loved to play music, It’s part of my life and in my heart and soul.”

Jim Jenkins

Bass, Backup Vocals

Jim has been playing bass and guitar since the age of 13. Prior to joining Light The Fuse, he has been in various local cover and original bands, most notably local cover band Expense and original hard rock band Alternein.

LTF - “I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to be jamming with. Everyone in this band has a great sense of humor and are a pleasure to work with!”